Component Library in Power Apps

Power Apps Component Library

Create your Component Library One of the cool features that you can find in Power Apps is Components. A Component is a reusable piece of code or control in your screen(s) within your app. The major drawback with components is that you can’t use them across your apps as they are saved into your app itself.  With Component Libraries; well basically you get rid of that kind of situations. App makers creates their app and easily share/update the components with

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Going back to Vegas for SharePoint Conference 2020!

I’m humbled (-and excited) to announce that I’ll be speaking at the SharePoint Conference 2020 in May 19st to 21th, at the MGM Grand. More than 200 sessions, insightful keynotes and amazing workshops that will give you all things necessary that you need to adapt, build and manage SharePoint and Office 365.  Don’t be too late get the chance to attend the 200+ Microsoft and community-led sessions only available to conference attendees. SharePoint Conference North America Discount Code:  When Registering, use code GOKAN to save 50$! Check

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Directly from Ignite 2019 – All that you need to know about the Intelligent Intranet Roadmap

Directly from Ignite: If you are using SharePoint for building an OOTB intranet, or simply using SharePoint for Publishing – here is the roadmap that you should read, learn and share with your friends, colleagues, and co-workers! Available soon: SharePoint Home Sites for web and mobile Hub Hub Join Approval Bulk Hub association in Admin Center (Available now) Make a classic team site a comm site Site scripts & Site Designs Extract a site to a site script, including multiple

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Directly from Ignite 2019 – The SharePoint Look book

Get inspired: Discover the modern experiences you can build with SharePoint in Microsoft 365. Download now the SharePoint Look Book V2: Reinvent the intranet with solutions for collaboration, communication, engagement, and knowledge. Today it’s simple for any user to create beautiful, fast sites and pages that look great on any device or screen. Get inspired with these designs or add them to your tenant to start building your next stunning site with them.

Directly from Ignite 2019 – All that you need to know about: Microsoft Stream Roadmap

Celebrate Video trim and replace Recycle bin Office 365 Video migration to Stream (Self-service migration tools are available now to help you migrate) Interactive Video with polls & quizzes New announcements Video creation & editing on mobile (easily create personalized videos including annotations, text, and emojis directly from your stream mobile app) Voice enhance – Improve focus and concentration at work with AI (voice enhance eliminates distracting background noise, so you focus on the person speaking not what’s happing around

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Directly from Ignite 2019 – Data residency for Yammer

According to the following link, the following features are not available for Yammer networks in the EU Geo: External guests can’t participate in your Yammer Enterprise network. Your users can’t participate in other Yammer networks, including external networks. Your users can’t be participants in external messaging threads or add external participants to threads in your Yammer Enterprise network. External groups can’t be created in your Yammer Enterprise network, and your users can’t participate in external groups belonging to other networks.

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Microsoft Teams and SharePoint News – still not working as it should be..

The SharePoint Tab – When you add the News page; You can’t navigate between news – there is no “back” button (technically there is, but, it’s on the upper left – outside of my tab/screen). Wouldn’t it be better to have some navigation into my tab?  Related to the news tab – there is a difference between the web and the client version. With the web version, I can add a piece of news, while, with the client version, there

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Microsoft Teams – Channel creation with emoji: The SharePoint folder creation trigger doesn’t work as expected.

One of the biggest enhancements within Office365 that you can use emoji’s everywhere. You can use any of the Windows emoji characters in Office 365 labels, classification labels or even as Channel names.. But there is a little bug with the SharePoint provisioning engine. If you have 2 channels with the same name (in occurrence “conference”) but you add an emoji to one of them, Teams-wise this works perfectly because the names are different, the provisioning engine will create the

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Thrive conference 2019 is the best place for you

Thrive conference 2019 is the best place for you to be on November 12 – 13th. Why would someone decide to attend conference in Slovenia? There is numerous excellent reasons for that: Incredible speakers lineup – only TOP experts, renowned international speakers & consultatnts Sessions delivered in English “Ask the expert” sessions Pre-conf full day tutorials – 11th November 10th Anniversary Perfect opportunity to get in touch with top experts 2 full days of great content for only 550 € excl VAT Including warm meals (2x lunch

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