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My Microsoft Regional Director Candidacy Results

Hi Gokan, Congratulations, your nomination has been accepted to the Microsoft Regional Director program!  I am pleased to welcome you to this worldwide community of technology thought leaders and thank you for being a part of this community. As you know, competition for admission to this program is intense and renewal is not extended to everyone year to year.  Your selection is a tribute to your deep technical and business knowledge, community leadership, and ability to connect with Microsoft customers, partners, and

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Microsoft Planner in 2019 – here is my wishlist

Date has been adapted to 08/05/2019 so it comes as first article We’ve deployed Office 365 Planner and gave access to a very specific user group at a customer of 5K seats. The user group is composed of 10 Business Analysts, 3 IT Pro’s, 6 Developers and 3 managers. Here is their feedback after a week of R&D – and also my WISHLIST to improve or add in Microsoft Planner: Not being able to _search_ in huge plans and buckets. Users were searching for

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Script to check the performance of your SharePoint Online Requests

I’d like to share with you a little script that i’m always using at customers for checking the response time of my Modern SharePoint sites. What you have to do is to change the Path, EndDate and Urls to have results in your CSV 🙂 Enjoy! and here is the result. I could see as an example that the root site opening is faster and a specific document library.

Listen, Breath AND Consider how employees do their work – Build an Intelligent Digital Workplace on top of Office365

Defining a Digital Workplace for any organization without knowing the business requirements and budget is irrelevant in 2019, as still today, for many of us the digital workplace era still didn’t happen. The real question is, is a Digital Workplace based on the Microsoft Ecosystem a Buzzword? A Revolution or a Reality? A Buzzword? I really don’t think so, as more than 13.200.000 results are returned by Google​ and More than 11.200.000 results are returned by Bing. So, definitively it’s

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Modern Workplace Conference 2019 – We are back

This is a small post to announce that I’m glad to announce the return of the long awaited (longer than Game Of Thrones) #Microsoft365 (-collaboration focused) Conference in Paris! The organization team is still the same, but, the only addition we did is adding Estelle Auberix as a content owner for the Azure Track – as within the mobile first cloud first era we do expect a lot of Azure content in our pipeline. Estelle is an Entrepreneur and consultant

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Here are my sessions from the SharePoint Conference

I’d like to invite you all to SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. The SharePoint Conference is THE major event where Microsoft announces their roadmap for SharePoint and of course the full Microsoft (Office 365) collaboration suite! There will be over 150 of the best speakers at the event and even if the conference is named SharePoint Conference, it will cover Office 365, Planner, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Flow, Yammer, and almost all the products in Office 365 that interreact in a

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Going back to Vegas for SharePoint Conference 2019!

I’m humbled (-and excited) to announce that I’ll be speaking at the at the SharePoint Conference 2019 in May 21st to 23th, at the MGM Grand.More than 200 sessions, insightful keynotes and amazing workshops that will give you all things necessary that you need to adopt, build and manage SharePoint and Office 365.  Don’t be too late get the chance to attend the 200+ Microsoft and community-led sessions only available to conference attendees. SharePoint Conference North America Discount Code:  When Registering, use code

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Secure Score – my wishlist

I’ve been working closely with the secure score in the last couple of days with several engineers and members from different operations and here are a few enterprise grade remarks and feedbacks: Being able to assign actions to admins/multiple admins and integrate this actions on the Administrator’s To-Do List – or – provision a Planner Plan and add an overview of all tasks and their owners. If possible, showing the availability of the assigned administrator(s) so, if yet action not

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How my wife created her first simple process for Business cards with SharePoint Custom Forms, Flow and PowerApps

I do travel a lot for conferences and usually go speak with sponsors and attendees to learn what they do, how their projects are going etc.… – And as expected we exchange our business cards – natural process, isn’t it. The bad thing with that is, I barely remember from who I received that specific business card (as at the end of the event I have 50 carts in hands) and most of time I throw them in the garbage

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PowerApps + Data = Intelligent SharePoint – Create your first invoice app

The purpose of this article is to show you how easily you can create an intelligent SharePoint App with a little bit of customization with PowerApps. Many times, as an independent consultant, I’ve been struggling with creation of invoices. It’s complicated as there is no room for error and there should be a follow up. Just sending the invoice is in most cases not enough. As I was tired to repeat all that steps each month I decided to create

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