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Secure Score – my wishlist

I’ve been working closely with the secure score in the last couple of days with several engineers and members from different operations and here are a few enterprise grade remarks and feedbacks: Being able to assign actions to admins/multiple admins and integrate this actions on the Administrator’s To-Do List – or – provision a Planner Plan and add an overview of all tasks and their owners. If possible, showing the availability of the assigned administrator(s) so, if yet action not

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How my wife created her first simple process for Business cards with SharePoint Custom Forms, Flow and PowerApps

I do travel a lot for conferences and usually go speak with sponsors and attendees to learn what they do, how their projects are going etc.… – And as expected we exchange our business cards – natural process, isn’t it. The bad thing with that is, I barely remember from who I received that specific business card (as at the end of the event I have 50 carts in hands) and most of time I throw them in the garbage

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PowerApps + Data = Intelligent SharePoint – Create your first invoice app

The purpose of this article is to show you how easily you can create an intelligent SharePoint App with a little bit of customization with PowerApps. Many times, as an independent consultant, I’ve been struggling with creation of invoices. It’s complicated as there is no room for error and there should be a follow up. Just sending the invoice is in most cases not enough. As I was tired to repeat all that steps each month I decided to create

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Check out my KWizcom List Aggregator App – controls overview in French

Video’s by Gokan Ozcifci – requested by – thoughts are my own in French. KWizCom’s List Aggregator App (SPFx) empowers SharePoint Online customers to easily implement project management, dashboards & other solutions that require querying and displaying data from many sites, lists and libraries in a single, fully customizable consolidated view. Check out the below videos to see the product in action!

SharePoint Saturday Istanbul 2018

And yes, we are back. After a successful SharePoint Saturday Istanbul, last year, we’ve decided to come back – and stronger as before. This year’s event will be held on October 6th at the Microsoft offices in Istanbul (as last year). We’ve considered last year’s event as a proof of concept and did not do any call for speaker – unfortunately – but we’ve received so many positive feedback from attendees that we decided to expand the event with an

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The new SharePoint Admin Center Experience : My Wishlist

I was invited to one of the biggest financial institute and had the opportunity to showcase the new Admin Center Experience in Office 365 – to different audiences such as partners, IT officers and technology executives. I don’t know if those makes sense for y’all; but here is some feedback from the field and also my wishlist for the next versions of the Admin Center Experience. On the homepage, being able to adapt/change the 2 reports with data from “SharePoint

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I’m speaking at the European Collaboration Summit and why you should join me!

You have numerous SharePoint and Office 365 conferences around the whole globe, from meetups to SharePoint Saturdays to paid national and international events. I submitted sessions for the previous SharePoint Adriatic’s but couldn’t make it. But this time “de kogel is door het kerk” (Flemish saying J): I’m proud, humbled and excited to announce you that I’ll be speaking at the European Collaboration Summit. If I must resume ECS to people whom never heard about the conference, that would be:

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A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a SharePoint Migration

Article by Gokan Ozcifci – requested by – thoughts are my own. With the new era of mobile first-cloud first, many organizations are looking for alternative solutions to replace their legacy environments and platforms. In fact, there are many ways to migrate from an on-premises environments to Office 365 or Azure. This blog post will highlight how beginners can approach their SharePoint migration and lay out a few tried and tested action plans to help you get started on your big move. It’ll

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Winter.. Eu no, #SPSParis 2018 is coming.

— Attention: Since I am the organizer, this post might be a bit bias about the event 🙂 Winter #SPSParis 2018 is coming. — And voilà, another – hopefully – successful SharePoint Saturday Paris has come to an end. It isn’t easy to organize and bring word class speakers from all around the world. Think for a minute that your line-up has Mark Kashman, Spencer Harbar, Dux Raymond Sy, Jasper Oosterveld or Paolo Pialorsi, all famous speakers… Oh wait, weren’t they

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SharePoint Saturday Istanbul 2017

Çocukluk rüyası mıydı? Hayır! Senelerdir istediğim bir etkinlik miydi? Üstüne bastın ayağını çek diye haykırırdım herhalde. Evet, biraz sokak jargonu ile yazdım belki ama sevincimi sizinle paylaşmak ve size bunu en özel şekilde anlatmak, anca böyle bir giriş ile mümkün olabilirdi. Hasan Köroğlu tarafından (Office Server ve Services MVP) İstanbul’a davet edilerek kısa ama öz bir konuşma ile hayalimi gerçekleştirebildim diyebilirim. SharePoint Saturday İstanbul 2017’de – memleketimde, aslen Afyonkarahisarlı olsam da – Microsoft Ignite 2017’den gelen yenilikleri sunabildim. Meğer ne

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