Script to check the performance of your SharePoint Online Requests

I’d like to share with you a little script that i’m always using at customers for checking the response time of my Modern SharePoint sites. What you have to do is to change the Path, EndDate and Urls to have results in your CSV 🙂 Enjoy! and here is the result. I could see as an example that the root site opening is faster and a specific document library.

[Update] : The Ultimate SharePoint Performance Guide!

I’m glad to announce you that with Vlad Catrinescu, we released our long awaited ebook on SharePoint Performance optimizations. You can pre-order it now at amazon with the following link: pre-order this amazing ebook for less than 10$ Hello Everyone, after analyzing multiple publishing platforms, we have found out that Amazon Kindle has a lot of downsides when creating an eBook that is both beautiful, and updated often to reflect the nature of technology today. The Ultimate SharePoint Performance Guide! Is

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