Check out my KWizcom List Aggregator App – controls overview in French

Video’s by Gokan Ozcifci – requested by – thoughts are my own in French. KWizCom’s List Aggregator App (SPFx) empowers SharePoint Online customers to easily implement project management, dashboards & other solutions that require querying and displaying data from many sites, lists and libraries in a single, fully customizable consolidated view. Check out the below videos to see the product in action!

A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a SharePoint Migration

Article by Gokan Ozcifci – requested by – thoughts are my own. With the new era of mobile first-cloud first, many organizations are looking for alternative solutions to replace their legacy environments and platforms. In fact, there are many ways to migrate from an on-premises environments to Office 365 or Azure. This blog post will highlight how beginners can approach their SharePoint migration and lay out a few tried and tested action plans to help you get started on your big move. It’ll

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L’importance de Collage dans votre transformation digitale

La technologie d’aujourd’hui change à une vitesse phénoménale . Le changement est inévitable et quand on regarde les services que le cloud nous offre, le constat est évident : nous ne sommes pas vraiment aidés. Même si le cloud de Microsoft – Office 365 – nous propose des stacks extrêmement riches et complets, nous n’avons pas toujours la possibilité de choisir l’outil que l’on souhaite. L’intégration d’office365 dans nos Datacenter est inévitable et si les données que nous avons dans le

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DataPolis Process System – a visual workflow designer explained in 15 bulletpoints

Product overview by Gokan Ozcifci – requested by – thoughts are my own. During my stay in Poland for the SharePoint Saturday Warsaw – I had the chance to talk to Dominik Daniewski (Presales Engineer / SharePoint Consultant at DataPolis) one of the brains behind DataPolis. DataPolis develops user-friendly and flexible solutions for SharePoint environments which support dynamic processes, information and document flows in medium and large enterprises globally. Their core solution is DataPolis Process System – also called DPS –

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The importance of Collage into your Digital Workplace

Product overview by Gokan Ozcifci – requested by – thoughts are my own. As today’s technology is changing, finding crucial information can be tough. When you consider the services that the cloud is offering/providing us, you’ll see that many services are overlaying each other. As a Power User, you do not always have the possibility to choose the tools (Teams, SharePoint Online, Yammer, Groups …) that you want to use for your toolkit – which I call Office 365. It’s already complicated

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