Directly from Ignite 2019 – All that you need to know about the Intelligent Intranet Roadmap

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Directly from Ignite: If you are using SharePoint for building an OOTB intranet, or simply using SharePoint for Publishing – here is the roadmap that you should read, learn and share with your friends, colleagues, and co-workers!

Available soon:

  • SharePoint Home Sites for web and mobile
  • Hub
    • Hub Join Approval
    • Bulk Hub association in Admin Center (Available now)
  • Make a classic team site a comm site
  • Site scripts & Site Designs
    • Extract a site to a site script, including multiple lists, branding, and navigation (using PowerShell)
  • Audience targeting for news and pages
  • Modern page authoring
    • Wiki Linking
    • Undo/Redo
  • Branding
    • Shy Header
    • Extend footer
    • SharePoint mobile app branding

Early Next year:

  • Page scheduling
  • Audience targeting for navigation (not to be confused by security, it’s an audience)
  • Multilingual publishing (finally OOTB languages coming to SharePoint!)
  • Hubs
    • Associated Hubs
    • Hub Permissions
    • Hub Analytics
  • Site Scripts & Site Designs
    • Support for folder and file content
    • Teams template integration
    • Additional script actions.
  • Pages, news and web parts
    • Image resizing
    • Visual Page diffing and version history
    • News filtering across sites with MMD
    • Yammer conversations web part (v2)
    • My Feed web part
  • Branding
    • Microsoft Fluent Design Language
  • File Uploads in SharePoint Mobile App
  • Portal owner page
  • SharePoint Spaces public preview.

Top of mind:

  • Custom Fonts
  • Global Tenant Navigation
  • Further integrations into Microsoft Teams
  • Calendar experiences in SharePoint (FINALLY)

I own a company and work a lot with #SharePoint. Entrepreneur. Microsoft Regional Director and @MVPAward for Office Servers and Services.

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