Going back to Vegas for SharePoint Conference 2020!

I’m humbled (-and excited) to announce that I’ll be speaking at the SharePoint Conference 2020 in May 19st to 21th, at the MGM Grand. More than 200 sessions, insightful keynotes and amazing workshops that will give you all things necessary that you need to adapt, build and manage SharePoint and Office 365.  Don’t be too late get the chance to attend the 200+ Microsoft and community-led sessions only available to conference attendees.

SharePoint Conference North America Discount Code:  When Registering, use code GOKAN to save 50$! Check out the site at:  https://sharepointna.com/#!/register?utm_term=GOKAN .

There are plenty of sessions to choose from; but here are my sessions:

Zero to hero: Microsoft Teams tips and tricks that empower everyone

Join this session to learn the latest and greatest features in Microsoft Teams that empower everyone. Based on real-world experience, these tips ensure your success with Microsoft Teams within your organization. From business transformation to technical tips, from SharePoint to PowerApps. Microsoft Teams is designed with IT in mind, providing management capabilities for collaboration, meetings, callings, and apps. Explore the full range of management features available for configuring, managing, and monitoring Microsoft Teams. We walk through the full scope of features – for a tremendous onboarding experience!
Why you should attend SharePoint Conference 2020 in Vegas!

Learn industry trends and how they’re implemented

Conferences such as the SharePoint Conference specializes in finding subject matter experts and top-notch speakers for their sessions because the speaker comity is from the ecosystem itself. So, you by default know that the quality is spectacular. Attending the event and learning about the latest trends and how they’re being implemented gives you something valuable to bring back, and possibly apply, to your own work.

Learn latest trends, techniques and strategies from the leading industry experts

Up-to-date products and services, current and emerging trends in the Microsoft 365 stack, new technology and tools are exclusively discussed at the SharePoint Conference. The creativity at these events is unreal(!), so don’t let outdated information hold you back in your projects and day-to-day operations. Find out how they have implemented those big changes to support the strategic goals of their organization

Original Author: Vlad Catrinescu

The knowledge that benefits all in your organization – and not only for collaboration

One of the major reasons why people attend SharePoint Conference is because it offers multiple tracks. It is designated to make our self, more valuable to our companies by acquiring knowledge of other tools that valuable to our projects or customers. If you want to move into SharePoint Online, from a Legacy Server (as an example) #SPC20 offers the information, the know-how, the examples and the business network of people who can help you make it happen.

Meet the community leaders, ambassadors, potential customers and join the big family

Think about SharePoint Saturdays, Live Experts, Microsoft TechSummit… While not any of those conferences offer you the opportunity to meet your idols. Sometimes it’s about taking a selfie (Christian Buckley is the master in it ) with someone who’s influenced you or sharing a business idea with someone you admire or making a connection that can lead to finding your next mentor has no price. At a breakout session, you may find yourself sitting next to your next customer or mentor. 
If you have your own products and services, attending this conference is a fantastic way to find prospective clients. The speakers (MVPs, Microsofties, RD, Porn Chat, MCTs, Masters…) and attendees are highly skilled and experienced professionals, inspirational in their passion to make a long-term positive impact.

Practical evidence and advice that you can apply immediately

As technology freaks, we are often tasked with the job of developing collaboration solutions for our businesses and clients. In addition to providing educational value, conference sessions can spark innovative ideas for content. How can you combine PowerApps with Azure Functions? What are the benefits of moving to Modern SharePoint Online if you are still on Classic Sites? What should you expect from SharePoint Server 2019? Any question you have shall be answered and could be directly applied to your organization.

Get ideas from vendors and collect Feedback

Any conference in the globe has vendors. Connect with them and educate yourself on their latest and greatest products and services. You will find new tools that you never heard before. Tools that could provide multiple solutions to you, your company or your customers.

Hope to see y’all there – and don’t forget to use the code GOKAN to save 50$!

I own a company and work a lot with #SharePoint. Entrepreneur. Microsoft Regional Director and @MVPAward for Office Servers and Services.

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