Microsoft Planner in 2019 – here is my wishlist

Date has been adapted to 08/05/2019 so it comes as first article

We’ve deployed Office 365 Planner and gave access to a very specific user group at a customer of 5K seats. The user group is composed of 10 Business Analysts, 3 IT Pro’s, 6 Developers and 3 managers. Here is their feedback after a week of R&D – and also my WISHLIST to improve or add in Microsoft Planner:

  • Not being able to _search_ in huge plans and buckets. Users were searching for specific words, comments, titles in buckets/tasks.
  • No way for creating predefined – user-centric, _templates_ for tasks.
  • No _reoccurring tasks_. If an operational task runs for 6 months – ex: reboot a legacy server every Monday – it would be so handy to create it once and let it run for a while.
  • Lack of social interaction such as #hastags or @mentions users. Our case is to _mention a _task_ or _bucket_, so you can easily make a reference in a comment – and not only do copy paste.
  • The progress bar hasn’t all the options:“On Hold”, “waiting customer”, “waiting for a 3th party” or even _custom_ ones that we could define depending on the company needs/culture.
  • No interaction with Microsoft To-Do (a flow exists but, nothing OOTB).
  • Lack of _Design Extensibility_ (Background colour, Button colours, …)
  • Lack of _Label Extensibility_. We only have 6 Labels and 6 hardcoded colours.
  • Not being able to _edit_ comments. (reminds me somehow the yammer story…)
  • Adding multiple Images is so cool – but whenever you have more than one image; you can’t show them all in the card. (sometimes you even need to show the description and the image).
  • No personal planner(s) (even if we know Microsoft To-Do is, therefore).
  • On the left pane, just under the Planner Hub, you’ve got the “My Tasks”. In a big company – for a smooth collaboration, there is a need to work/see tasks of other teams/persons. Would be nice if we could add/view those under a “new screen” such as “colleagues’ task” is a frustration as well.
  • Lack of interaction with Tasks (voting, rating, promoting, pinging…)
  • No _recycle bin_ for Tasks
  • Lack of _prioritization_ of tasks
  • Lack of _Rich Text_ in comments
  • No customizable _reminders_

I already did send this to the PG, but doubt really they will do anything…

I own a company and work a lot with #SharePoint. Entrepreneur. Microsoft Regional Director and @MVPAward for Office Servers and Services.

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