Microsoft Teams – Channel creation with emoji: The SharePoint folder creation trigger doesn’t work as expected.

One of the biggest enhancements within Office365 that you can use emoji’s everywhere. You can use any of the Windows emoji characters in Office 365 labels, classification labels or even as Channel names..

But there is a little bug with the SharePoint provisioning engine. If you have 2 channels with the same name (in occurrence “conference”) but you add an emoji to one of them, Teams-wise this works perfectly because the names are different, the provisioning engine will create the channels for you. But from a SharePoint perspective (the Files tab) – doesn’t make any difference and uses the same “folder” in the SharePoint Shared Documents for both channels… This is quite annoying because you see the same files in both channels.

If you want to avoid this scenario – please be sure to use a space between the text field and the emoji until the PG fixes the issue. I’ve reported this bug – and Tejas Mehta, who owns this part is going to have a look with the developers at Redmond!

Good luck,


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