The new SharePoint Admin Center Experience : My Wishlist

I was invited to one of the biggest financial institute and had the opportunity to showcase the new Admin Center Experience in Office 365 – to different audiences such as partners, IT officers and technology executives. I don’t know if those makes sense for y’all; but here is some feedback from the field and also my wishlist for the next versions of the Admin Center Experience.

  • On the homepage, being able to adapt/change the 2 reports with data from “SharePoint Insights”.
    • Having an intelligent query builder to make it easy to create and share reports.
    • Having the possibility to add/remove reports
  • Being able to see from the homepage _who_ are the “SharePoint Administrators” within my tenant
    • Optionally, being able see if they are _connected_ with their Skype Presence and have a direct chat with them;
  • Being able to share from the homepage any message from the message center to a “Site Newsfeed”, “Office365 Groups Conversation” or “Site Owners mailbox (as a mail)
  • Whenever you select a site, see more options than only “email” and “delete” …
    • The ribbon should include more capital information such as “who is the owner”, “what’s the size”, “which template is being used”, …
    • Clicking on the “I” button definitively shows a lot of information, but accessing capital information with the minimum effort seems the key message.
  • Being able to share several sites at the same time to the same person.
    • Select Site A, Site B and Site C and share it with “contoso\gokan”..
      • One big bulk operation.
  • Being able to delete multiple sites at the same time (bulk operations).
  • Add an _Event Viewer_ like log screen where you can see which administrator did which operation.

I already had a discussion with Sebastien from Microsoft but wanted to share those insights with y’all as well.



I own a company and work a lot with #SharePoint. Entrepreneur. Microsoft Regional Director and @MVPAward for Office Servers and Services.

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