[Update] : The Ultimate SharePoint Performance Guide!

I’m glad to announce you that with Vlad Catrinescu, we released our long awaited ebook on SharePoint Performance optimizations. You can pre-order it now at amazon with the following link: pre-order this amazing ebook for less than 10$

Hello Everyone, after analyzing multiple publishing platforms, we have found out that Amazon Kindle has a lot of downsides when creating an eBook that is both beautiful, and updated often to reflect the nature of technology today. The Ultimate SharePoint Performance Guide! Is now available for purchase on Leanpub at the following link: https://leanpub.com/SharePointPerformanceGuide ! Looking forward at your feedback!


Why did we choose to write this book? Simply because, we chose to implement SharePoint in our organization because of it’s awesome speed” is something you don’t hear often, if at all. The truth is that SharePoint is an enterprise platform with numerous advantages and built-in features to make you and your organization more productive, but what if it’s not correctly configured?

Your users are going to painfully stare at the famous “working on it” page multiple times per day. As a SharePoint IT-Professional or SQL Server DBA you have the power to tweak multiple SharePoint and SQL Server settings to increase your SharePoint performance for assuring your users happiness when using SharePoint every day.

This is an ultimate guidance on performance for SharePoint Server inspired both by Microsoft’s best practices and real life experiences from countless deployments on the field. In this book, you’ll learn the following:

  • How to configure the foundation of your platform – Windows Server – for maximum performance
  • How to optimize SQL Server for SharePoint Server and what tasks you should do to keep it performing
  • What configuration mistakes can make your SharePoint Server acting very slow, and how you can fix them?
  • How to optimize your user’s performance in a SharePoint Online environment, part of Office 365, even if you don’t have access to Microsoft’s servers

Stop frustrating your users with a slow SharePoint performance and configure SharePoint for maximum performance today!

I own a company and work a lot with #SharePoint. Entrepreneur. Microsoft Regional Director and @MVPAward for Office Servers and Services.

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