Winter.. Eu no, #SPSParis 2018 is coming.

— Attention: Since I am the organizer, this post might be a bit bias about the event 🙂 Winter #SPSParis 2018 is coming. —

And voilà, another – hopefully – successful SharePoint Saturday Paris has come to an end. It isn’t easy to organize and bring word class speakers from all around the world. Think for a minute that your line-up has Mark Kashman, Spencer Harbar, Dux Raymond Sy, Jasper Oosterveld or Paolo Pialorsi, all famous speakers… Oh wait, weren’t they speakers at #SPSParis, are they? 🙂

We (Patrick and I) are grateful to everybody who came, spoke and shared the love – from sponsors to speakers to attendees. Having speakers is hard, but having attendees is harder. As you can see from the pictures shared on social media there were a lot of people. The attendance was around 200 people which is quite ok, for an extremely sunny Paris.

From Friday to Sunday – we had a total of 3.3M impressions (!), a total of 1800+ tweets and a total reach of XXXXX.  I huge thanks for every community contributor who made this possible! All those tweets meant that we were also trending on Twitter in Paris area! Jeey!

If I had to resume our organization of #SPSParis, it would sound like this:

  • More than 50+ Skype calls
  • More than 430+ mails,
  • More than 3K+ Facebook, Twitter or Messenger chats.
  • Basically more than everything…

And yet, every single time – I have the feeling that there is space for improvement. We – ALREADY – received a lot of compliments, positive feedback from speakers, attendees, sponsors as Microsoft employees, but a good friend of mine expectations where higher and unfortunately he was disappointed about a few minor points. From this blogpost I guarantee you that we are going to do our best to improve. All feedback – good or bad – is welcome.

That said, search for the official event hashtag #SPSParis if you want to see more pictures. There are no words enough to express my gratitude to everyone. But yet, Thanks to everyone who came out to #SPSParis, hoping you enjoyed it!

See you all next year – #SPSParis 2018!

I own a company and work a lot with #SharePoint. Entrepreneur. Microsoft Regional Director and @MVPAward for Office Servers and Services.

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